13 Mei 2008

Get your Trip in United Kingdom

United Kingdom was the country that was very famous with Fashion Model and the Tourist Attraction. Moreover the English League also to icon international football. London was the Central Mode City in England. Enjoyed fashion mode and dinner in London Hotels was the aim of the tour in England. There are much more cheap hotels in London. Strat from USD$ 26 you can enjoyed your night in London.

The city mode apart from London was Paris. Paris was also famous with the Eifel Tower that was French's pride. You can enjoyed Romantic night at this place. How about accommodation in Paris? Hotels in Paris was very cheap, only with USD$211 he could spend the night in the three star class Hotel. The location of the hotel also close to the tourist attraction.

Manchester was the second city that must be visited if going on a trip to United Kingdom. The very grand city, but also famous with club football. Moreover also the ease of accommodation made this city comfortable for tourists. Many Hotels in Manchester that could be covered by you from airport closest. For travellers seeking a balance of comfort and value for money, three-star accommodation starts at USD$71.00 for a room at the Swallow Bower Hotel, conveniently situated at Hollinwood Avenue Chadderton Greater Manchester OL9 8DE.

Apart from Manchester and London, you might not forget Birmingham. Birmingham is considered the Pittsburgh of the South and was born out of the Steel Industry which was hit very hard during the Great Depression. At one point 100,000 of the 108,000 people who lived in Birmingham were found unemployed!! This is by far the best place in Birmingham to take pictures of the city, it was beautiful and fun! No tourist should leave the city of Birmingham when first visiting the Vulcan. From Vulcan Park you can found more Hotels in Birmingham. For travellers seeking a balance of comfort and value for money, three-star accommodation starts at USD$87.00 for a room at the Norfolk Hotel Birmingham, conveniently situated at 267 Hagley Road Birmingham B16 9NA.